Infection Control Statement


This practice is committed to the control of infection within the building and in relation to the clinical procedures carried out within it. This statement has been produced in line with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and details the practice’s compliance with guidelines on infection control and cleanliness between the dates of October 2014 and October 2015.

The author of this statement is: Sarah Morcom.

Infection Control Lead

The practice’s clinical lead for infection control is: Janet Speake – Practice Nurse

The practice’s non-clinical lead for infection control is: Sarah Morcom – Practice Manager

The infection control lead has the following duties and responsibilities within the practice:

  • Annual risk assessment
  • Annual Audit
  • Review of policies relating to infection control
  • Practical hand hygiene training for staff
  • Attend regular training updates

Significant events related to Infection Control

There have not been any significant events relating to infection control at the practice between the dates of October 2014 and October 2015.

Audits relating to Infection Control

An Infection Control audit and risk assessment was undertaken at the practice on 15/10/2015 and the following recommendations and/or actions plans were produced in response to the findings:

Section 1: Hand Hygiene

Point 12 – Elbow taps are available at sinks in clinical areas. Compliant in both treatment rooms. Taps in consulting rooms 1 & 2 are not compliant in this area. – Sink being replaced in Room 1 Sink in room 2 to be replaced when room is refurbished

Section 3: Sharps handling and disposal

Compliant in all areas with the exception of point 4.
Point 4 – Sharps boxes are is correctly assembled – check lid is secure – Lid not secured into temporary position on all opened boxes. Staff to be reminded of this point.

Section 6: Environment

Point 1- All general areas are clean – Toilet floors stained – Consider replacing flooring
Point 4 – Treatment rooms have easily cleanable flooring – Carpet flooring in consulting rooms 1 & 2 – To be replaced during refurbishment
Point 11 – Disposable paper towel roll in Room 2, placed on floor – Paper towel roll to be placed on trolley next to couch

Section 7: Cleaning Products

Point 5 – Dilution for disinfection of the environment and blood spillages is known – spillage kits for removal of blood spillages to be purchased

Risk Assessments relating to Infection Control

See above – incorporated with audit

Practice Policies, Procedures and Guidance relating to Infection Control

The practice maintains the upkeep of the following policies, procedures and guidance related to infection control. These policies, procedures and guidance are reviewed and updated annually, as well as being amended on an ongoing basis to keep up with changes in regulation etc.

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Waste Disposal
  • Sharps Injuries
  • Management of spillages

Training relating to Infection Control

The following staff members have received instruction, information or training relating to Infection Prevention and Control between the dates of October 2014 and October 2015

  • Janet Speake – Practice Nurse – Regular attendance at IC forums
  • Anna Reynolds – Practice Nurse 14.04.2015
  • Nikki Johns – Receptionist 08.06.2015
  • Jean Powell – Receptionist 11.05.2015
  • Trish Keane – Receptionist 08.05.2015
  • Kathy Flynn – Receptionist 08.06.2015
  • Liane Clay – Receptionist 08.05.2015